Charlie Bowater is a Type – Illustration

Charlie Bowater is a Type.

She has a Deviant Art page, of course :

Typical comments of her page : “Your work is so so beautiful!! “. She’s popular, I suppose, as I found 375 pages of comments for her.

Illustrator for teenagers fantasy books, right?

It’s not the type I meant.

I watch a picture, another one, another one, etc. Dozens. I’m very critical. This is absolutely NOT my cup of tea. Her colors are very ordinary. There’s too much sugar for teens everywhere. And it is, most of the time, fastidiously meticulous. Everything is so gorgeous and well done that I feel a little nauseous.

Here are four of them :



Well, voilà. I don’t like that (though I see the talent and work, OK?). But I kept watching, though. Why?

I was wondering why, silly!

She had something, but I couldn’t find it.

Until I saw her sketchs, her drawings, her drafts :



Voilà, there it is, JP!

Non Finito! Something takes off when she’s fast and casual, when she searches. Less sugar, less gorgeous colors, and more expression.

Charlie won’t probably go towards Simon Bisley‘s exaggerations. But I hope, I really hope 1/ she will have success, 2/ she will go on studying masters, in order to find her “another territory”, a more modern, adult, intriguing and complex one.

Farewell, dear! Bonne route, good road!


Yes, it’s a dial to watch! What about you, us, me? Should you stop and study? Do you have to get out of your “territory”, your comfort zone? Why? Can this movement make you grow up? How? Who do you know who could TELL you this? Are you surrounded with fans who tell you you’re the greatest? What if they make you stagnate in “this” glory?


Thanks for reading!




One thought on “Charlie Bowater is a Type – Illustration

  1. Anonymous June 19, 2019 / 8:45 am

    fuck you and your opinion


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