Spiritual Retreat(s)

When someone is sick, or in hospital, (s)he is different from other human beings – separated from the others, who have to run along their days…

After a heart attack or a stroke, everything stops, and then one think about things other people don’t have time to think about (and should do?).

Other events can push you into this state, loss, inheritance, pregnancy. This incident changes the course of life, it’s a revealing process. One think different suddenly, a little out of the flow…

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Retreat_(spiritual) : “…an intimate way of deepening powers of concentration and insight.”


Maybe it’s sad that we need religions, illness or sudden events to begin to think about…

About what? Why? What if I decided a retreat, twice a year? Not “holidays”, but a loneliness time in a lonely bungalow on a desert sand dune, in the wind and the sun within pines and in front of the sea – dans les Landes, évidemment – with no books, no wi-fi and no screens…


Thanks for reading!


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