Understaffing Bullshittery

Well, we all know this “trend”. Nowadays, all bosses understaff.

Imagine you have a pretty diner, you work with 6 employees, including a cook, waitresses, etc… It’s a good business, and you make good money.

As you’re a capitalist, you want MORE money, right? Thus you fire 2 employees for no good reason. More money for you!  You’re rich!

But you’re not : your reduced team is stressed out, it’s too much work, now. Clients have to wait more, the quality of service collapses. Clients abandons this diner. They go in another one. You close, you fire everyone. Good to you. Hang yourself, Billy, because it’s too late!

OK I’m not stupid. I know the trend. Less employees. OK. Why not? It’s crisis time, right?

But don’t expect the work to be done properly, silly!

If you need 50 persons to do the job and you use 40, that’s OK. You’re the boss, after all. But please don’t mimic surprise and stupefaction when everything falls apart : quality of service, stock, whatever you want to “measure”. You put people in a mess, and they are NOT idiots. People on in the field know exactly what’s happening.


I know, I’m a dreamer. I dream of intelligence.

  1. If you expected the job to be done correctly understaffed, you’re an idiot.
  2. If you know that it’d be a total mess and you rebuke them in a fake surprise, your an asshole.


There’s a way out, manager!

HIRE some guys! Let’s do it properly, OK?


Thanks for reading!




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