Albert Marquet, French painter

Albert Marquet (1875 – 1947) was a French painter. They call it (we need boxes, right?) “Fauvist” or “Post-Impressionist”.

Well, OK for “Post-Impressionist”. This guy is interesting, because he knows light and color so well that he can plunge the viewer into a place’s mood with so little brush strokes…

Each painting, I’m like “Awwweeee”. And look at his cute face, with his small glasses and the impossible moustache. I want to be a woman in dress, in 1900, able to see these hidden eyes, and falling in love with this little man. Take off your hat, will you?


Have a nice day! Come to France!


Albert-Marquet-1875-1947-Le-Pyla-1935-huile-sur-toile-50-x-61-cm-Musée-des-Beaux-Arts-Bordeaux-©-ADAGP-Paris-2016-Musée-des-Beaux-Arts-Mairie-de-Bordeaux-Cliché-L.Gauthier-1030x842017_PAR_15044_0129_000(albert_marquet_frette_en_ete)19533114186309205_c9a9588bf4_bAlbert_Marquet_Tutt'Art@_(141)Albert_marquet-le_pont_de_conflansBay of Naples 1908, ?1930s by Albert Marquet 1875-1947imageob_0a6854_albert-marquet-1ob_296aad_1d-albert-marquet-venise-la-voile-jaun004-albert-marquet-theredlistAlbert_Marquet_(1875-1947),_c._1920s

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