Ridley Scott, Edouard Manet, Harry Gruyaert : BLACK

A cinematographer or director of photography is the chief over the camera and light crews working on a film and is responsible for making artistic & technical decisions related to the imageWikipedia

Usually, people don’t notice their work, unless image is really gorgeous or risky.

I like when a cinematographer pushes a lever a bit far, like the use of real black as absence of light : not to frighten you, but to cut out the image. Here two images from Blade Runner, one from All the President’s Men and one from Manhattan.



I’m reading a lot about Manet, and talked about it with a Art teacher, who replied immediately : “Oh, blacks in Manet!”.


Then, well, I just bought a book from a master of photography and color, Harry Gruyaert…

A student (in photography) was in awe in front of this work, amazed by how he pushes the dark tones, and told me that if she did that her professors would kill her :

harry-gruyaert4026518BELGIUM. Brussels. 1981. "Place de la Bourse" square. Coffee.


Err, well, voilà. So what I don’t know. I think I love this pattern.

Of course, it’s STRANGEIZATION. When you bend an element, when you add something noticeable to make the audience “aware of the form”, which is modern and interesting, right?

Strangeization Tool & Eyebrow Criteria


Thanks for reading!

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