“And I lost my marbles” & Wonderments & Apexes : Chronicle 40

I have too many books. From time to time I choose a few ones from my shelves and I pile them on the floor next to the door. When it’s sunny and I have to go out for errands or commuting, I pick up a dozen and I let them on a bench (in a park, for buses) with a note : “Free, serve yourself”.


There’s a pattern in Anthropology. When they’re young, these students often go study a tribe in a South America forest or some Inuits village near the North Pole. And many things happen, all in this mode : “Things are not what you think they are, buddy”.

  • The people you study are studying you.
  • They use you, eventually.
  • You take notes, but you don’t understand anything.
  • You invent “intentions” where there are not.


When you like poetry you have many sources of pleasure. One is the “sudden arising of a sensation”. Poets do that. They trigger moods.


I know that this blog is about seeds and tools, OK. But the real thing is to tell that being curious is a real source of Joy. “Faire renaître l’émerveillement” :

“Make the wonderment come alive again”.


Triangle is interesting. An apex has two friends.


Okay, so you’ve got a car
That don’t impress me much


In French, to say confused or disoriented, we say “Déboussolé”, which I could translate like : UNCOMPASSED. Makes sense?


My good friend Lucile wrote one day :

“Le lien, le désir, l’amour, ne sont jamais comme dans les livres – ni conformes à ce qu’on nous en dit. ET ALORS ?”

“Link, desire, and love : they are nver like in the books – neither true to what we are told. SO WHAT?”

Have a nice day!


Bidou in the past in Eliette’s room


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