The Listener Type – Chronicle 41

The Listener is someone who has and is able to spend a whole evening helping a friend. The Listener in the end of a “being an ear” afternoon, hears this goodbye at the door, from the person who goes away emptied and relieved : “And how about you?”. Implied “You’re always good, aren’t you?” – probably.


Idea for a short story :

“Obedient to a strong promise made in the past, he wrote a letter every day to his lover and… read it to her on her grave. One day, there’s a funeral. The day after he comes with his letters to discover there’s another name on the tomb : her husband”.


Lise Bourbeau says that the wounds of our childhood makes us build masks to protect us. Rejection makes you shifty, Injustice makes you stiff, Abandonment makes you dependant, Treason makes you bossy, and Humiliation makes you a masochist. I love her way to say we can’t do anything against it, you can’t heal, but accept and use them as skills : I’ll develop another day.

More here :


Possible Waldgängers :

  1. A party. Someone takes a book and go read under a tree listening to the party.
  2. In a city a pregnant woman walks
  3. An otaku watches forum discussions on his computer
  4. Voluntarily poor guy soliloquy
  5. Someone with cancer watches the world
  6. A child listens to adults on a couch, during a dinner
  7. A man in love – at work
  8. Someone with no TV talks with colleagues
  9. War time, a man hides in the woods, near a village


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