Birkhäuser & Mothmeister : Suddenly No Laughing Matter

In a row in a week, I found two artist who frightened me.

Many young guys like fear, they draw monsters and ghosts and hahaha, it’s harmless, right?

I’m not really interested in these things, and I think  like Jünger – that the need of “weirdness” is a weakness.

I discovered Peter Birkhäuser (a Swiss painter who died in 1976) who painted his dreams (and obviously nightmares), and Mothmeister, two Belgian guys.

In front of this, my brain draws a wall. I wonder “why” they dig this.

I know : the first one is frightening but also gorgeous, fascinating. The other one is frightening but sometimes funny : you “feel” they’re playing fancy dress…

Well, that’s my line of defence…

Thanks for reading!


Birkhäuser :


Mothmeister :


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