Takuma Nakahira & Daidō Moriyama and other Provoke Japanese Photographers


Provoke, it was a magazine in Japan, with a subtitle : Provocative Materials for Thought

I already talked about Moriyama. I add Nakahira today. And some others : I don’t tell you which one took which picture, OK?

There are other guys in this “style”, I’ll dig it later.

What do I find here? Disturbing and a bit too much black and white photography, right? But… there’s always a “but”.

A little tender core hidden somewhere? “Gorgeous Dark”?

I have to say I LOVE this extreme inner fight between harshdark and gorgeous light. Like showing the struggle in the picture…


Thanks for reading!








Daido Moriyama_cover








Click to access daido_moriama_tokio.pdf

Click to access jpp-portfolio-provoke.pdf


Moriyama, Yeste, “Nah won’t go”s & Ironing in Swedish 19th Century

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