Where’s the Photographer’s Pleasure?

I was at a wedding in Provence, south of France, and I met a few photographers, from the multibigcamera-ed professional to the pouched amateur connoisseur.

I watched them working – with huge admiration for the pro guy, who shot everywhere for literaly hours, never quitting his sparkling eye. On a “Searching an angle for a target” mode, he was amazlingly fast (and he was very kind to offer me a few tips). As always it’s enthralling to watch an experienced professional at work.

I turned over a few rocks


I talked with a few of these guys – and to other people with passion (as a cabinetmaker). I had taken my little Canon cam (I took 923 picts!) and was having so much fun walking among the olive trees that I was questioning myself about the photographer’s pleasure. Where is it? What’s the source, the deepest axis? So I asked them!

I found this grass


For me, I know it’s all about childhood. I love to be alone, following my own rhythm, it really makes me think about the pleasure of discoveries – like when I was looking for insects in my garden as a kid. I think my modest “creativity” is linked to “this” reconnection.

I knew it was the same for the cabinetmaker, I saw this spark in his eye when he showed me a picture of a bench he made… the shape of a clothes pin! This smile…

Therefore the consequences are : a will to experiment (here, with the light, with frames, with subjects, with everything), then a will to share (which is similar to “Mummy, look what I found” of the seashells gatherer), a state of mind which is very exploratory and casual. The “what if” pleasure is infinite, right?

The sun’s behind


I asked the others, imagining it was the same – but nope : it was not. Of course, there’s a common bouquet of things : what to shoot, when and how. Their pleasure, though, was like really in the machine, the camera itself. Technology. Effectiveness. Rules of photography. How to make the proper photography.

Knowing the rules and the User Manual is very important for them (when I just want to try everything – even in the wrong way – especially the wrong way!). Being effective and fast, that’s important when you’re a pro! But not for me : I read the instruction manual… from time to time.

And an ant



Tool :

Where’s your pleasure, in your field? What does that mean? How do you explore? What does the others do? Where is their axis? What can we learn, and how?


Hey it’s my article N°1001!

Thanks for reading!



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