Color Selection Charts & Questions


There’s a Wikipedia page for reference :

I’m fascinated by the number of books about color palettes (for artists, for web design, fashion).

They all seem to be very sure about the mood given by a set of colors (dynamism, vintage, girly, serious business, etc)!

There are applications and websites to help you find a “mood”. Just Google “Color Harmony”.

I just read a good page about advertising and colors :


It leads to questions for thinkers, and this article therefore :

  • It seems so accurate, thus how do you “invent”?
  • Do you need dark green for serious organic beauty business?
  • How did and does it change through the years?
  • And places, cultures?
  • Is the sensibility to these palettes the same in Norway and in Texas?
  • Are there differences for movies, branding, websites or books covers?
  • Are there stars, inventors, in this field?
  • Can the choice of a palette be risky, and a failure?
  • Sunny for funerals? Deep blue for teen romances?
  • What could be a game of invention?
  • Palette : “Couple Failure”, “Orson Welles in 2145”, or “Gothic bees”?
  • Color chart for a city? A job? Poetry?
  • How do you change a color palette?
  • Or kill it (Apple logo was colorful at the beginning)?
  • What else?



Thanks for reading!


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