Real Folly : Chronicle 46

Creation is funny to watch “all along”. Phases.

Sparks. Accelerations. Drops off. Repetitions. Controls. Interventions. Inspiration. Loss. Destructions. Building. Weaving. Solving.


Asking people what series I should Netflix, they gave me :

  • Handmaid’s Tale
  • Mr Robot
  • Black Mirror
  • End of the F… World
  • The Affair

Happily Le Monde has a blog on this :

Other ideas?


Mon pantalon est décousu, si ça continue on verra le trou de

This stupid song is well known by all kids in France. It’s a rhyme, a loop, playing with words :

My trousers are unstitched if it goes on one will see the hole of my trousers are unstitched if it goes on one will see the hole of my trousers are unstitched… etc…

The trick is in French “décousu” (unstitched) rhymes with “cul” (ass). Therefore, etc…


Annie Ernaux says that memory is a crazy properties master, providing accessories (a bed, a lamp, a fabric) needed by imagination to help rebuild itself : the memory


I heard about a Robert De Niro speech, against Trump. Then I watched the comments on Twitter and I read all kinds of Trumpets drooling their hate about how liberals are libtards and so on. That’s the democratic game, I suppose (though in France no policital man would have the idea to separate little kids from their immigrant parents with the help of the Bible, which is a bit strange for a country… made of immigrants who sometimes came with kids). Some people I know in America are liberals, and they most of a time agree with this (which is something we have to be told, when you live in France) : rich stars telling people how to think have a devastating result, which is anger on every side. Is it true?


When one was a kid, one was really frightened about “becoming crazy”.

Then I became adult and I saw it. A too intense friend’s wife who had strong phases of depression then grandiosity. She had to be put in a mental institution, then broke her marriage, then went to live with an obese oriental cook, then commited suicide. Madness is frightening!

Thanks for reading!




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