“Clean Mud” : Game of Thrones against Come and See

One should not compare these things!

Battle of the Bastards is the S06E09 of Game of Thrones, 2016, full of Awards and watched by almost 8 millions people on HBO the first day. There are spoilers here so beware.

Come and See is 142 minutes 1985 Soviet “war drama” film about Nazi’s atrocities in Bielorussia.

One should not compare these! Therefore I do.

Drama, war, mud, enemies, and cruelty. In both films!

I don’t watch TV Series, but watched The GoT episode with a grin : actors are well hair styled, seem satisfied, the mud is pretty clean, and I’m pretty sure they have great dry warm underwear under their fur coats.

But with a smile, because I’m a guy and I loved 300 and Lord of the Rings and Gladiator, therefore I have fun like in front of a Video Game Trailer : wings of arrows, swords and flying blood, giants and other catapultings of balls of fire. Geronimo!

So : I watched this, afflicted by the obvious smugness of all these well fed actors, sorry to see Mr Snow falling in a trap exposing himself in the no man’s land, facepalming with the happy cavalry charge at the end – which saves the day (I waited the John Ford bugle call but they didn’t dare).

I noticed the esthetics efforts : views from the sky, slow motions, silhouettes, walls of shields, but I couldn’t stop imagining this battle led with real mud/dirt, good actors, some Bisleyic exaggerations, or showing how horrible is that kind of battle. If was like made for teens, right? I’m probably too old for this. Probably I forget it’s from a heroic fantasy book.

Oh, I didn’t talk about “Come and See”. I won’t, it’s too much. I just put a photograph.

Thanks for reading!

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