As a music lover I often wondered how to… bring someone to Classical music.

I’ve been in paradise so many times, with Brahms or Prokofiev, and many others, the haunting Hindemith, the colored Ravel, Rachmaninov 3 with Argerich…

Today I found an article about Brückner, and immediatly I fell. Symphony N°9, a real… monster of pleasure.

Sometimes I wonder about the greatest pleasures EVER. Sex is placed at the top, but it’s challenged by music, and by good conversations, right?

Brückner, Symphony 9, Karajan, is a summit. It’s like a sea of mountains, moving titans…


I let you with Abbado and the Berliner. Go to 26’53” for the Movement II. Pizzicatti!

Listen loud. Then try Karajan, or Wand, or Bernstein. And think about this little old man who dared to wrote this music…

Thanks for reading!





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