Exquisite Discomforts

In an article about Jean de la Fontaine, Paul Valéry floods you with great little ideas. Here are some, for your thinking pleasure :


Nonchalance carefully considered. Facility : the apogee of art

Easiness from experience? Or as a will, a process? Not engaging all strengths?

Exquisite Discomforts

Inventing limits? Effort roads? Fighting against a delightful memory? An intelligent enemy?

To change what happens into what stays

Capturing? Drawing? Inspiration? Creativity?

So many advantages of which you hardly see the shadows

Lured? Trap? Stupidity?

Some commandments who seems so futile

Thinking out of the box and contempting what we see? Godless spirit watching religion?

To think an instinct of the artificial exists


The obedience of clay


Never a finding – or an assembly of findings – could establish a work


When all that counts is well veiled



What do expand here? You have two hours!

Thanks for reading!




Photo : Mauro Fiorese


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