In France we have the beaufs. What is it in your country?

The French “beauf” is vulgar, uneducated and narrow-minded (I also found “blinkered”, what’s the difference?). The English wiki adds : “vulgar, unintelligent, arrogant, uncaring, misogynistic”.

But it’s not your redneck, it’s different. Well, it’s maybe the French version, after all…

In France, le “beauf” has a big beer-belly, a moustache, he never reads, and thinks with clichés, popular believes.

It comes from Cabu, a cartoonist from Charlie Hebdo who has been assassinated in the 2015 shooting attack. It comes from an abbreviation of “beau-frère” (brother-in-law).

Here he are two types of beaufs. PSG comes from the Paris soccer team, and Kro is the worst beer ever. The second type of beauf is terrible (probably worst). I let you guess.

Well, just FYI.

Have a nice day!



cabuuLe-nouveau-beauf :




2 thoughts on “In France we have the beaufs. What is it in your country?

  1. tinaor July 9, 2018 / 4:03 pm

    I guess we might not have exactly a word to match French beaufs. Slob or hooligan initially spring to mind but they aren’t right – a slob is someone who doesn’t care for themselves, scruffy, dirty, clothes not hanging well, food stains on their clothes, smells nasty too and has bad hygiene habits. A hooligan might be someone who is a ‘football hooligan’ – loud, dressed in badly fitting football shirt, usually poorly educated or wants to sound like they are, behaves very badly and causes trouble at football events, or just a ‘hooligan’ who thinks nothing of getting into trouble by doing something wrong and usually protests a lot when they get caught. Nope, I can’t match beaufs!

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  2. Wiki Educating September 29, 2020 / 5:46 am

    Le Beauf before the year 1970 and before it became coined as a racist term by cartoonist Jean Cabu, was the plural form of the word ( Le Beau ). The word ( Le Beauf ) is the plural form of the ( Le Beau ), denoting more than one. ( Beau ) means beautiful;( Le Beau ) means “the beautiful” and ( Le Beauf ) means “(more than (one) beautiful person)”, or the “beautiful ones”.


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