“Non-Narrative Documentaries”


I have a milestone : Koyaanisqatsi. An hypnotic flow of music and images, and not a word. The splendor of the Earth with the craziness of men.

They made others, Anima Mundi about animals, Powaqqatsi about men working, Naqoyqatsi about violence.

Then, other “images symphonies” like Samsara, Chronos and Baraka, Dogora.


But there’s another category of “non-verbal films”. It’s when documentaries just SHOW you things. People are interviewd, or you hear them talking in meetings, but there is no narration. No voice who’d tell you what to think, no narrator who’d lead your brain where it’s requested.

You watch and you make your own opinion, like in Berkeley, by Wiseman.


This could lead to another article : “the voice-over problems in documentaries”.

Most of the time it’s redundant. Or it explains too much, you feel like a lectured kid.

It’s time to Google :

“Best Documentaries of all time” and have one month journey.



Have a nice day!






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