Stolen Street Photography?

Salgado says somewhere that a portrait is something one “offers” to the photographer (I should find the quote, but I don’t remember where I found it).

As I was walking back home the other day, I wanted to play the Street Photographer, but I didn’t want to ask.

So : I zoomed too much, and I underexposed, and I clicked maybe 200 pictures. Most of them, in consequence, were good for trash.

When I did it it was exciting. When I watch it I feel the slight nausea of those who “try things”, like when you take a guitar for the first time…

Conclusion :

  1. Most people notice when you steal their portrait – and I dislike to do this (I have empathy).
  2. I’m not Alex Webb (who is a genius in this field).
  3. I prefer to take portraits of toys, dolls and funny things on flea markets (last picture).
  4. I should buy a big zoom camera…
  5. …or ask people first.

Have a nice day !





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