Black Trite Bloody Skulls

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Chekhov says that nothing is more awful and depressing than banality.

There ARE more awful things, though… but I agree than the pink and black sides of mundane banal trite clichéd boredom are depressing.

Tritely Tritely Lalala, what are these?

These are the two sides of the SAME boring simple small bowls :

  1. PINK : forever love in the sun, sunset kisses, flowers orgy, summer syrup music and schmaltzy wishy-washes…
  2. BLACK : forever suffering, fog, zombies, cemeteries, skulls tattoos, autumn bloody roses, gothic music, dark winter moods…

I know a gothic girl (“No I’m not, she says”) who wears black only and collect dozens of pairs of Dr. Martens – and all I see is the simple symmetry : pinky cotton candy and collecting walls of pumps.

Kidults cattle are awful. The herds are 30 or 40 years old, they happily collect Pop Figures, swimming in mainstream boring geeky shit and other TimBurtonneries marketed by the truck. Gothic & Emo people are worse : banal gothical bad music (with choir and interesting hair), piercings and boring “death inspired” tattoos…

With this real horror in front of you have to hide your sarcasms : they all feel “different”…

“We’re different, let’s gather to… resemble”

Peas in a pot.

This week I found this blood stained Walking Dead welcome mat. Oh my.

So some people are amused/fascinated by death? And why not? What I reproach to this somber shit is :

  1. its childishitty – impossible to talk about adult things, about masters of the past, about branches of art or music, about the complexities of life, or history… impossible to have a conversation out of gossips and other “all politic world is rotten”…
  2. its stupid innocence – here is one crying before one “Don’t open, Dead inside” welcome mat, as his daughter has just been killed in a car accident, or as a wife just died of brain cancer…

Awwwe suddenly it’s not funny anymore?

By the wayyy, it’s Halloween todayyy! Yeyyy!

Will you obey, crowd? Party on with dark make-up? Watch a horror movie? Yes. Good idea. Follow…




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Goth Subculture Predictability

When you insist until you fail… on purpose.

“When you insist until you fail… on purpose” is a pattern everybody knows and everybody tried one day, right?

For Headlong rush or forging ahead, in French we say : “La fuite en avant” (an escape forward).

Sometimes one does it oneself, but is it on purpose and fully aware – as a strategy, or in a nihilistic despair suicide-like rush?

In other times, we can be part of it, for instance when you work for a company which makes bad decisions in a row :

Incompetence or Cruelty?

There’s these ideas swirling in “forging ahead” : going fast, decide quickly, being a bit crazy, vanity and vainglory, last brightness, grab what we can, or maybe go ahead, destroy what we can, and bury yourself in the end. Who knows?

In dictionaries I found to careen, which seems to be a bit crazy, right? To throw oneself into the fray (if the fray is a fight, why is there another word? Is a fray a messy fight?). “Fling yourself” sounds similar.

All these sound risky and breaknecky… but I titled my article “When insisting…”. Therefore I’d like to talk about a quieter way of forging ahead, a headlong quiet insisting daily rush…

I just found the word “Adamant”, which is splendid! Maybe because in French “Un Diamant” is a Diamond. Your adamant sounds to me like “adamond” – see?

I also found that you add “on” after insist : to insist on, stubbornly, right? Leads me to “pigheadedly” (waowwww!).

This is really funny to discover these words… In French we also say this. Entêté (could be “enheaded”, or têtu comme une mule…

Calmly insisting… until I fail. Makes me think about self sabotage (but “Why would you do that??”), or nihilism.

Sometimes it’s the only way, the only path to walk on, so… you go! Sacrifice? Maybe. Suicide? Maybe. Dark fun? Why not? Manipulation? Ohhhhh… No. To provoke, to trigger an answer, to show a door or a window? Well…

When do we do that? When do we witness that? What to do, then?

Overthinking, I know.

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Company Business Mode : “Grab the most you can, haphazardly”

When you head a business, you have many modes. Being cautious, aggressive, fast or thrifty – it could be artificial and funny to list them.

For example we could study the “Fast & Small Unit” mode. Imagine there’s a snow storm in Marseilles, South of France. It never happens, so the whole city is disorganized. A guy working in a garage takes a huge truck, buys hundreds of snow-tires kits, parks it at one entrance of the city with a billboard, and makes a fortune in one day.

Today I study the “Grab the most you can, haphazardly” mode.

Imagine you own a toy store. As it’s trendy, you decide to sell LPs, vinyls, big quantities, big money. Yeyyy!

On the whole, you have two ways :

  1. Build an annex, hire three or four music fans to buy, organize, present and sell your vinyls and make big money, becoming the great place to be to buy records.
  2. Build nothing, hire nobody, order tons of random vinyls, put them in heaps in corners or in the middle of toys, command your toys specialists to take care of all of it, and grab the most money you can, haphazardly.

It’s funny to watch the consequences of 2 :

  • Your team will be exhausted.
  • Stressed by questions they don’t have the answer to (they know how to sell toys, but they are not record dealers).
  • Your assortment is wrong (“someone” bought the LPs for you and doesn’t know who your customers are and need).
  • Your clientele will be furious (it’s badly organized and the employees know nothing).
  • Your toys turnover will be dipped in many ways (your store is in chaos, you lack place of toys, your employees are in burn out and don’t have time to do their work properly, etc).

But well : you’ll sell vinyls now, right?

You see what you win, but you don’t realized (or don’t want to) what you lose. What are the consequences? How is it inelegant/uncouth? Looter or capitalist scavenger? Why this fear of doing things properly? How to act within this Universe? Who shall wash the dishes?

Who makes more money in the end? 1 or 2?

– Hey Mister Lego, in which Lou Reed album he sings tululuuuuuu?

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