Harmless Waves : the “Too Much Empathy” Syndrome

The ability to feel (or guess) what another person is feeling… is called Empathy.

Sometimes it’s a flaw!

Some says it’s the basis of our societies.

At another level, some say our brain works with a structure, which is Analogy. The human brain never ceases to create analogies between what we see and our experience, for example.

Analogy is probably Empathy’s structure…

Some say that the screen culture we plunge our kids in is the source of a lack of empathy. Their brain connects itself, this way : the world is a “sight”, something we watch.


When you have too much empathy it’s exhausting. I give you an example (you’ve probably been there) :

In a suburb train, someone was listening to shit music on their phone, the typical all-the-same robotic vocals (this horrible trend) in simple repeated phrases and mind-dumbing rhythm. Then my brain does two things : 

  1. I wanna stand up, take the phone and throw it out through the window, hoping it’ll crash in a huge DUNG. Then I’d click-tongue them the so-there way.
  2. I’m polite and then I curse them for seven generations, wondering about their lack of empathy (“Don’t you realize you’re murdering many people’s ears?”).
  3. But then I do have empathy, and wonder about them : what’s lacking in their mind? What’s happening inside you, dumbuddy? How can someone be so selfish and crappignorant? What about their childhood, their education? Are you an idiot?


See? It’s a mess. I have to close my brain (OK – it’s not possible), or analyze the “music” to find out how it’s made (it’s a game), or read my book hoping it’ll catch all of me (it can work), or let go and just be crossed (is “traversed” correct?) by what I decide are harmless waves (music are waves, right?).






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