Conversation today with a guy, about decisions.

Authors like Gladwell, TalebKahneman, come to the same idea :

When you have to take a decision, the good one is always the fast, unthought one.

Call it “instinct”, “intuition”, the result is the same.

Overthinking it, weighing pros & cons, asking others, etc : it’s not the good way.

It’s been studied for decades by many authors, who converge to the same idea : intuition is fast and effective, follow her path.

Some more esoteric authors like Chopra will talk about quantum physics, or about plugging to the Universe, it doesn’t matter : their books are full of these stories of quick decisions they had to take, following their fast instinct to encounter great persons or life changing situations.

The few authors I read say our brain work very fast, in seconds, under our conscience, with elements like experience, analogies, and yes : instinct.

I say this : getting older, I apply it more and more. Before a decision, I go fast, I don’t think that much. I know, and I go there.

But sometimes my old schemes win : and here I am undecided, with my mental drawing things… losing all the sense of it. That’s life!

Thanks for reading!


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