My Gurushots Tips

I wrote an article on this funny social network photography site called GuruShots : Photo Contests & Artistic Choices

I work on it since a few weeks, trying to find if I could “climb” without paying… and without perpetrating the “Bad Taste Colorful Über-contrast” Winners sins.

  1. If a challenge need 4 pictures, don’t post all of them at the beginning. Wait. One per day. Or even wait for the last day for the last one. This way seems to get you much more votes all along the process.
  2. On one challenge, Combine a Swap (change a picture with less votes) with a Fill (maximum views).
  3. Don’t use the daily free boosts. Use them in the last hours of the challenge.
  4. On the Web page, sort the challenges by date. When you win a little thing (a fill, a swap, a boost), THINK. Choose carefully where you will apply them. Read the datas : you can climb to another level with a simple Swap, just an hour before the end of a challenge. This will bring you more little tools you’ll apply, then, on later ending challenges.
  5. Think about what you want : to win with your talent and sensibility, or to win with awful “what people like” horrors (oversaturated colors, long pauses, killing-eyes contrasts, over-processed pictures)?
  6. Vote a lot : it gives you visibility, and you’ll watch other people photos.
  7. There are many other “tips” you’ll find on the web, like how to produce pictures just to please one Guru. Why not…
  8. Don’t forget you compete with people who PAY to win; they can swap many many times, for example, and you have almost no chance. Whatever, right?
  9. Think about the HOUR you’re making choice. If you think most photographers are in America, you’ll get more views when people are not sleeping there.
  10. When you POST a picture, and when you BOOST a picture, I think it pulls it near the top : you can get hundreds of votes in a few minutes. It’s why you should think about the hour and the DAY you’re acting. Sunday seems to be cleverer than tuesday in the middle of the night.
  11. It seems that the battle for one challenge’s winner gets wild near the end of the challenge. Therefore it can be clever to boost, fill, or even post a picture near the end. Swapping has the same effect as posting : it could be useful to keep a swap to activate it on your photograph ten minutes before the end.
  12. If you have enough, swap in the last hours, when people are boiling and vote a lot. It works petty well, and you can almost post an average picture in the beginning of a challenge, because you know it’s in the last hours that things happen.
  13. But you have to think about Guru Picks. If you have great pictures for a challenge, don’t hesitate to swap a lot, even if you have good votes – just to be show pics to your Guru.
  14. It’s maybe sad, but I tried this : I took a door handle with a good angle, added some HDR effect, then another double effect (a Lomo one, who changed the frame and added a vintage mood); I posted on Sunday and it got like a thousand votes, climbing to the pretty difficult All Star level (usually reached in more than a week with many “fills” to help) in… two hours! This means that the guys who win, here, are the pros who edit their picture a lot. Why not, but… these are not the pros I love – this will be another article.
  15. You need Guru picks to climb the ladder. Collect them! To become a Guru, you need to win a challenge OR a Guru Top Pick. There are more chances to get a GTP, so don’t lose patience : work, make good pictures, and wait.
  16. Have fun. Work! Don’t lose your soul, though, OK?

PS : I’m not sure about all of these. I’m just experimenting. They are maybe seeds for your own thoughts, OK?…

I wrote a Part II of this article, see the link downstairs?…

Have fun!


6 thoughts on “My Gurushots Tips

  1. T January 30, 2020 / 3:41 pm

    There is a very little true what you write here. I became Master in 3 weeks and Guru after 3 months, studying the game detail by detail. The key is to have 1. Very good picture. 2. Know how this engine works. This you ll find out only if you take hundreds of notes how your photos perform during challenge and then you become famiiliar with ratio views vs votes, what it means vote weight etc. Applying all the theoretic then brings you win. Like me. I won the challenge withou any swap or things you show here. Everything is about knowing exactly when to insert photo into challenge, in order to make max votes system assings yo you and to convert as much as possible into votes with huge weight, it means master 8 or guru 9 points. Speakimg clearly – your ratio votes number / views has to be almost 50% and the average vote weight has to be more than 8.2 points. Otherwise you will not win a challenge.


    • N July 19, 2020 / 2:21 pm

      Hey “T”… gotta ask, what is the point of having a great photo if you lose so much time by calculating when and how to post the picture?
      What Jean – Pascal wrote is very true if a photographer enters the challenges and wants to be a Guru with nothing else than talent.
      But since you got an interesting strategy, would you share your Guru profile?

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Alessandro July 8, 2020 / 6:44 pm

    What do you mean ratio votes number / views has to be almost 50%?
    That if you have 100 votes you must get 150 votes (points) ?
    I think that the ratio must be at least 2:1


  3. Mark Daynes July 11, 2020 / 9:43 am

    Personally, this would be far more interesting ‘and meaningful if winning was about photography talent.

    Liked by 1 person

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