Revealing Idiots

Idiots are Types in movies or literature – I’m not talking about “funny idiots movies” like Dumb & Dumber, it’s more like the village idiot, who is… there, accepted, like a necessary part of all communities.

This guy is interesting because he is an innocent, ignoring the complex rules of society : therefore he often says the truth at the most unexpected time, revealing or unblocking things…

There’s a category about village idiots in movies at IMDB :

Clothes & Idiocy : Undering yourself to watch around

Of course, there are other idiots, more like “people acting stupidly” to make the movie move forward, or to innocently denounce a situation or a society peculiarity.

A little like in this article I wrote a few weeks ago : The Persian Letters Tool

What are the assets and features of the village idiot?

  • He doesn’t understand.
  • He doesn’t believe.
  • He doesn’t know.
  • He doesn’t obey, or randomly.
  • He is inside but outside, he is not really playing the game.
  • He says his truth, he’s a revealer.
  • He’s funny.
  • He can also be a scapegoat.
  • He watches, he lurks.
  • He’s more free.


So… of course you see me coming…

There can be an advantage when you enter a group to appear as an idiot – of course you have the whole game of shades, from the slightly different/weird.unadapted guy to the complete idiot. Idiocy as a mask.

You can also borrow temporarily one of these assets :

  • Make a stupid move (which is a smart move). Idiocy as a manipulation tool.
  • Don’t understand something… on purpose (to follow your own idea?).
  • Don’t know (to be lazy?)


Bahhhh, etc. I should dig more, but I’m an idiot, today.

Thanks for reading!





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