“The Light Undergrowth” : Travel Photography, but what…

Listening to Alt-J.

As I play photographic challenges on Gurushots (“Beautiful Imperfection”, “Dominant Purple”, “It’s Raining!”), I reckon my brain is activated – to find or take beautiful pictures, of course, but also, as this site is also a Social Media where I seek “likes” to reach a better place in the middle of thousands of photographers, how to please/surprise the many voters.

Here, I have to think about MAYA, “Most Advanced, Yet Acceptable”, the design motto.

Most Advanced, Yet Acceptable

So, as the “Travel Photography” challenge is filled with gorgeous HDRs of Paris or splendid mountains, and as I DON’T travel, I have to think : Little travels? Inner travels? My bedroom travels? Running errands travels? I chose to show… moods. Why not?

Not places of interest, no Eiffel tower, but what I saw from a car. A dark blue sky and a lighthouse, a beach near the end of the afternoon (framed by a window and a safety belt). It’s about traveling, right? I won’t win anything here, but it gave me the idea for this article.

Other doors, gallivanter!

This idea here was to show something else, to borrow take follow other roads, to mistrust mainstream (which is all relative, I know). Yet acceptable. Too dark but not too much. Nothing touristic, but the air, or the light because the summer sun is about to beat the summer rain…

And if there’s something to watch, it’s the light undergrowth (invent a wishing tree then make a wish) or the colors of the sky/sea in Dieppe.

So if you’re in front of the Eiffel Tower, what do you take, once you clicked on the iron lady? The sky around? People under? What will you show of Paris, really? What’s this state of mind and wherewhen do we need it?

Thanks for reading!




Ooh, I wish you well
I wish you well
I wish you well
I wish you well

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