I sold a book to a lady who is writing a thesis about… Artification.

I asked her : “What is this? The way Art spreads into society?”

“Noooo”, she answered. It’s the way Art extends its own definition : some things were NOT considered Art before, and now it’s Art.

Of course, you know me, we immediately had a little chat about resistance to Artification. I told her about authors who talks about decadence and “c’était mieux avant” (it was better before).

But I write this article because it’s a pattern, right?

It’s not Art Spreading in society, it’s more things becoming Art in society.

It really makes me think…

It’s a difference. A mutation more than a spread?

It’s a problem of definition (“What is Art and what is not”), it’s a problem of… field.

The field is not extending becoming larger (like Art coming to stations or malls), the field extends by mutation.

OK. Where else do we find this? Can you help me?

Thanks for reading!


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