Santa Santa

Christmas is a revealer, in a way. I asked many people about what they do in this special evening. Big family tables (shambling or not?) or lonely happiness, two lovers, or “just the kids and us”.

I always loved Christmas, though I’ve been through sad lonely ones. When a family breaks, this special day becomes pretty hard – two years ago I just got drunk, ate a cassoulet from a can and went to bed at 10 PM.

“Every other year, I can be with my son”, said a young divorced man I know. Therefore he was invited on a big table, with no desire to be there at all…

I always liked The Happy Lonely Christmas Liars

I did with my daughters what I lived in the past : the good meal in “just all us four” with candles and a great movie (Mary Poppins!), then you put your slippers under the Tree because Santa Claus is coming in the night while you sleep, treasures.

I remember their little sweet little faces in the morning, marveled by the colors and the boxes and the presents.

– How does Santa Claus come into our apartment, daddy?
– We don’t know, dear, we sleep. But you know : he’s magic, right?

Some people ask someone to disguise. Santa becomes like a delivery guy with a beard, seen from a bedroom window or worse, knocking at the door. Pffff…

Opening presents on Christmas Eve? Eeekkk!

My parents did it for me once, asking my best friend Eric’s father (I was probably 6 or 7) to Santa-disguise. I got my toys with my brother, then it was done, we went to bed, and the day after I asked to my father if Eric’s father will do this the next years, hahaha.

Thanks for reading!


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