Stranger Things S1

Well I’m always a bit late. Just watched 6/8 episodes of Stranger Things. Though I did not watch any trailer, I knew what it was about : a spielbergian game in the eighties.

I don’t watch series. And I feared to be like a target (E.T. was in theaters in 1982 and I was 16 years old then) and… it went off without a hitch.

So yessss it’s funny to find the mood of this time : tapes, biking around, Star Wars culture, and to find winks and nudges to Spielberg (the cabin in the garden and the lamps searching the light (E.T.)) and to others things : Stephen King’s links, the kids on railroad (Stand by me).

And also deeper shit :

  1. The brother is a River Phoenix lookalike (and a good one).
  2. The music is so Tangerine Dream (listen to Exit, or Tangram)… and suddenly you really hear some (in the fight scene).
  3. The… pace of these times is pretty well pictured.


But what I like the most is, apart from of course the two mean kids and “bad scientists”, every character acts with a great dose of kindness. And kindness is pretty rare in the movies : you have the brave heroes and bunch of hysterical, mean or dumb persons. So, from cops to people in stores, Winona’s ex, or even the wealthy boyfriend, each time the writers could have pictured mean traits, they just don’t. It’s really interesting…

Tomorrow is the 31th, I’ll watch Bogdanovich’s “What’s Up Doc?” (which is the most hilarious film EVER (said my daughter Eliette)). Stranger Things two last episodes the day after (if I can wait).

Have a nice day!


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