Prog Rock Ecstasies

Traumatized by Mike Oldfield as a teen, I since explored many musics (and I’ve sold records for 12 years). Today I can spend weeks listening to Mahler, then ECM, then icy electro like The Field, Math Rock or Indie musics.

Pushing a lever in music : The Field

I often come back to prog rock, Progressive Music, things like Genesis, Yes or Pink Floyd.

Wikipedia helps me :

“Progressive music is music that attempts to expand existing stylistic boundaries associated with specific genres of music”.

Yes there’s some Progressive Jazz – you can put that anywhere : intelligent techno, post punk or math rock, progressive house. And isn’t Stravinsky’s some progressive music?

OK : sophistication.

I always read that punk rock appeared “against” sophistication of Symphonic Rock, with often came with boring elements : endless keyboard solos, dumb mystical lyrics and so on. Simplicity came back with a hammer…

What if Pixies or Talking Heads were… progressive energy into punk energy?

So from time to time I plunge. An old Yes or Genesis album makes my day. Or some pearls from King Crimson.

OK. Listening to Stan Kenton now (progressive big band, hmmm?).

A good start :


What would be progressive (…) (poetry, teaching, marketing, photography) – which doesn’t mean avant-garde… ?

Thanks for reading!





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