Tamas Dezso, Photographer


I just bought his book, Notes for an Epilogue. I read it’s about two things vanishing in Romania : Communism and traditions.

It’s expensive, but it’s marvelous. He has everything I love : work on moods, colors, structures, lines…

I found 9 photos for you. Look at this! What do you think?

Notes for an Epilogetamas_dezso_notes-for-an-epilogue_015tamas-dezno-romania-09_udk7rytamas_dezso_notes-for-an-epilogue_014tamas_dezso_notes-for-an-epilogue_012tamas_dezso_notes-for-an-epilogue_010tamas_dezso_notes-for-an-epilogue_004c4bea9f6-e498-11e4-9039-00144feab7de648cb107-e935-437c-81cb-79c8d6cf679c

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