I talked with a lady in her sixties, a teacher for teens with special needs.

She has thirty kids, only two know how to read.

Others are deaf, or mentally handicapped, or both.

Birth problems, etc…

She works in little groups with them.

She was discouraged and angry, on every level I asked her :

  1. Other teachers saying “I couldn’t do what you do!”.
  2. No recognition of her work, she is never valued for what she does.
  3. All things, schemes, structures she invented will be lost when she’ll retire. Frustration.
  4. The whole system (school, parents, society) seems to say to her : “Keep all this with you behind this door and don’t make waves”.
  5. She contacted editors to make a book about everything she found, and got only answers like “The market is too little, no way”.
  6. Most of the kids she worked with for years have absolutely not a chance to progress.
  7. She could help them one by one but has no resources and no time to do that.
  8. Every political man she met tells : “Money in this field is for autism, and the minimum for other mental handicap”.

Thus, well : she waits four more years before retirement.

In this conversation, I tried every door : sharing what she learnt in a book, or in a web page, writing to editors to find a way to make a book, asking also about leverages she could activate which each kid (“Where’s the possible progress”), but I found discouragement, which is heartbreaking, right?

Biking home, I remembered the rules of human problems :

  1. You can go away.
  2. You can change the way things are.
  3. You can change your hopes.
  4. You can just shut up.

Well, I think she’ll wait a few years before resting home. I think the most difficult part of her job is… it’s not valued by anybody. And we all need recognition, right?

What are the lessons here? In this situation, what’s the answer? To let go? Why is it so hard to be “not valued”? Why do I alway focus on “How do you share your knowledge before it’s lost?”.

More : what can we expect from this level of despondency? Quitting? Explosion? Ways of withdrawal?

Thanks for reading!




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One thought on “Discouraged

  1. The Vintage Toy Advertiser February 8, 2019 / 7:19 am

    I feel for a person like this. I have worked in the same field many years and was both valued and undervalued at different moments. I hope she doesn’t lose heart, and can continue to make the good difference for the people she works with. I dearly encourage her to keep writing of her experiences and lesson plans because, even if not soon, one day someone will read what she has to say and find immense value. Even if just one person and one attitude is met, sometimes that is enough. I think she is a shining star.

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