Intense Rarity

In the bookstore I talked with a man looking for an out of order book about cancer, which I found second handed for him for hundreds of Euros.

He said this book must be a very big best seller.

Which is NOT.

So we talked. The book (about alternative cares for cancers) is rare, therefore expensive, but this does not mean it would be a best seller.

So I named it : “Displacement of Intensity” and we laughed.

You can make a good car and you’ll sell millions of it. Or you can buy a rare unique Italian car from the fifties… in auction, for millions of dollars.

Well, you see : I don’t know what to do with this concept…

Can you help me?

Therefore I chose a picture I’d like to show to my colleague who wears a cowy nose ring – which I find ridiculous but it’s a free country. Feathers. Aren’t they gorgeous?

Quantity or Quality? Mass or rarity? How do we equation that? Where?

Thanks for reading!


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