Karmic Payback

There’s a big affair these days in France. A group of journalists had a Twitter account where they mocked and harassed female young journalists.

The girls fought back, gave lists, and it exploded recently. The guys are caught, they make public excuses, wishing they won’t be fired…

Today I read a woman’s answer, saying that she did not believe in the excuses, made only because the guy had been caught, then she wrote she believed in one thing : the Law of Karma.

Karmic Payback, it’s a good subject for a short article…

I do believe in this, even I’m not a believer. I believe in balance. I love this funny sentence :

One day, you have to pay the bill.

When you act badly, you pay. One day you pay. And it works.

It’s probably a belief from weak people. “You can’t act, you can’t have revenge, therefore you believe in like a universal justice”, why not? It’s a way to cope, maybe? Trusting the Universe.

Life is made of events, and bad events are part of the program. Therefore, you can wait : something bad will hurt the people you watch. It always happens…

But also, you can really believe in karmic payback. Then when it happens you just smile. It’s as if you just have to wait to have your revenge…

What does that mean? What happens then? You smile? You just shut up? You present yourself in front of the “punished person”, like good-to-you-ing them? What if it’s too late, and vain, and you really feel sorry for this guy?

Revenge is cold, as they say…

If you fail and fall, after you acted badly, who will rejoice?

Do you believe in this? Have you seen it?

Thanks for reading!

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