Creators of Intensity

Just after the war, in Japan, some directors were auditioning actors for a movie.

Akira Kurosawa tells that when he saw Toshiro Mifune in the room, he asked him to act angry, or waiting. He was in an awe. He was so amazed by his “presence”…

They made SEVEN movies together, including Seven Samurai. He’s the guy with the sword, on the left :


We all know women who, when they enter a room, make the room quiet. It’s also a presence.

It can be linked to beauty, a certain beauty, but not necessarily. It’s about essence. A whole pack maybe : intelligence, elegance, a… way.

There’s something here, a Type. I call this type “creators of intensity”. I had a few friends like that in my life.

These persons have always incredible stories to tell. They meet incredible people, who make incredible things because of them.

Their presence make other change. They gave’em energy.

Stars (Monroe?), great managers (ever heard of Napoléon?), or writers, or scientists. They are surrounded with incredible stories.

I think they give energy, and inspirations. People around want to prove something, they stand up to be seen, maybe. They can act crazy, really crazy.

Then let’s hope they’re not drama kings and queens! Before chaos will swirl around them then, even deaths. Endlessly.

Thanks for reading!

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