What moves forward continuously/by stages

What moves forward continuously or by stages : a structure to watch for a moment.

  • Does it move continuously or by stages all the time, continually?
  • Do we find interruptions in the movement?
  • Or plateaux?
  • What about crescendoes & decrescendoes?
  • What about accelerations in the movement? What types?
  • Are stages announced by a sign?
  • Do we have to prepare for each?
  • Is the movement propelled, or does the movement energy comes from the inside?
  • Is the movement linked with a blossom, a sheaf? Division?
  • What about a combination of movements, like moving forward AND climbing?
  • What about competition between two movements, side by side?
  • Are stages just a growing, or a change of nature?


Where do we follow this? Music structures? Growing of plants, or animals? Geology? Revolutions, or other social movements? Love or lost of love? What kind of becomings do we find? Adulthood?

Thanks for reading!



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