Boring Bokeh


What’s bokeh? I ask Wiki :

It is the aesthetic quality of the blur produced in the out-of-focus parts of an image produced by a lens.

Look at the “blurry magic” behind the girls, pleasing your eyes :


Google it and you’ll find plenty. I’m the first to use it, because it’s easy, it underlines textures, it gives depth, etc. Here are four strips I made from my own pics. It’s an aperture game : Little blur on the wife portrait. A big blur on branches. A way to soften clouds, or to shine the little star :



Like HDR, this effect became rapidly a dogmatic and systematic feature for portraits. “Oh I bought a new cam look at this splendid bokehhh”. There’s even a fake bokeh on smartphone now!

It’s beautiful, but I always wonder about cattleness. I wonder. And I immediately want to do the contrary. Maxing the aperture to keep everything sharp (1) or making everything blurry (2). Just to see. So there!



The tool is easy to catch and put in your toolbox : What is it you do because it’s cool and everybody does it? What if you DON’T, just to see what happens?


Thanks for reading!


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