One cool thing with English is the way you add “-ness” after every word. I knew kindness and quietness, but I was amazed by the existence of “togetherness”, and today I wonder about what’s better : animality or animalness?

We don’t have this in French, and we say “the fact of being together” for “togetherness”.

A few days ago I took this picture of a snake, but I didn’t get the snake (where’s the head, the tail?), but I surely got its snakeness!

“The quality of being a snake”, or a set of qualities? An energy, a texture…


Sometimes you do it on purpose, but sometimes it’s an accident. For example, with this bud, I caught a lizardness, no?



Then I wondered about what makes a picture :

Do you want to show a thing, or it’s thingness?


What is it we catch? How to do it? What do you think?

Thanks for reading!

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