Pierre Sansot’s principles on Slow Life

Pierre Sansot was a French anthropologist and sociologist. He was a thinker of cities, little things of daily life, a thinker of slowness, conversation and walks…

One of his book is called : “Du bon usage de la lenteur”, about good use of slowness.

I just extracted the structure for you. Here it is. I realized I wrote something before, in this blog, about each one…

  1. To saunter : taking time, let yourself be led by your own steps, a landscape…
  2. To listen
  3. To be bored : to accept and appreciate the unimportance of daily life
  4. To dream : to get a twilight but brisk and sensitive conscience
  5. To wait : for the horizon becomes wider
  6. Inner province : love what is withered, anachronic
  7. To write : to slowly see blossom a truth
  8. Wine : as a school for wisdom
  9. Moderato Cantabile : measure, moderation


I won’t develop, it’s in the book. You could buy it and learn some French from it!

But what we see in this list is a “field”. It’s a map for a state of mind which doesn’t always play the game…

What do you think? How does that sound?






One thought on “Pierre Sansot’s principles on Slow Life

  1. Suzanne May 12, 2019 / 11:58 am

    These principles of a slow life make a lot of sense to me.


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