When funny is being not funny (Geluck)

Humor is complicated. What is hilarious for you is really boring for your brother, and vice versa.

Some guys play with words, or they exaggerate, or they make puns, or they just say (and shouldn’t) what reality is (Dilbert) :


In Belgium, they have a guy named Geluck, who – like often – doesn’t know how to draw, and invented a cat. Its name? Le Chat; The Cat. Voilà.

His system is to invent “not funny” things, which, in a complicated process many people have, makes it funny. For example :


“I invented this clock. The first one gives the time. The second one gives the time it will be in an hour”.

Hahaha. Burst laughing, or not?

Who are other “comicals”, who are fun because they’re not?

One thought on “When funny is being not funny (Geluck)

  1. kachaiweb November 21, 2019 / 4:31 pm

    ‘Fun’ fact: Geluck or geluk means ‘happiness’ in Dutch.


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