Bellion & Pilots : Where is pop music going?

Every end of the year I explore web’s magazines to find out what they say on “Best Albums of the year”.

This year it’ll be funnier because of the “Best Albums of the Decade”, of course.

It’s been a long time that I learned how to let go about the Fear of Missing Something. Plenty of musicians, everywhere, are just… unknown. So there!

Best Albums 2018? – So last year I listened to a lot a group called “Blood Orange”, a splendid deluxe soul sound. “The Internet”, called I think Neo-Soul…

This month I discovered Morning in America from Jon Bellion, and I was a bit annoyed : how to call this music? Do I need a label, a sticker? Hymnic Power Pop? I asked Wiki and found it’s “hip hop, pop, R&B, indie pop” (haha). I listened to the whole album and was surprised by everything – a great voice, good lyrics, an amazing sense of sound (and production), and a… love for fractured structures.

The track is continuously changing, mutating, it becomes a big bouquet, a pond of ideas, sounds, changes, a festival. No genius, just… cool!

After that, I listened to Twenty One Pilots. How to deal with “Bandito”? Indie rock with mainstream pop assets? It climbs and evolves into other things : poetry, rock, shoegaze, trance? I don’t know, but it’s lemonade to walk on this…

Then the whispering Billie Eilish – deliciously effective, put a smile on my face. “Bury a Friend” is able to make you stand up and put a little shoulder dance. Hop, hop.

In all this : no genius. It’s a matter of “pop effectiveness”‘, a love for powerish hymns. Something like “Beautiful” is ridiculous – but when I found it in my little FLAC (uncompressed sound) player, it stopped me in the street then I was back into walking making stupid arm gestures in the night, yahouuu. A little like Art of Noise in its time.

“Papapapapapapapa piou piou Beautiful” : bim :

(it’s an exaggeration of Zedd’s : )

I also found a NYT article : – (a good read)

Of course, the Web is full of trees, for discoverers. Search for “What sounds like Blonde Redhead” and use YouTube to travel…

But also I discovered Willa Cather, an interesting archetype (I wanna write about her and Gertrud Stein). Oh, she was a writer, sorry.

But I’m obsessed with Schubert’s 9th Symphony, and I’m writing a long article about it.

I also have to watch Fellini’s 8 1/2 THEN Woody Allen’s Stardust Memories (which is the same film “transposed” in America). Then my pleasure is to detect what is translated and how.

I should make a page here with my best 100 pop tracks of the decade…

OK, on it.

Thanks for reading!


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