Ze French Coronavirus Chronicles, Day 1

Ze French Coronavirus Chronicles, 1


March 17, 2020. From noon today, no one is allowed to go outside in France, except for food or medication. One must print and fill and sign a paper, a sworn statement, to show to the police. Get a fine if you don’t have it.



Confinement is also the word in French, and we write quarantaine. “Quarante” means forty in French. The idea comes from Hippocrates (it’s also in the Bible, the idea of separation, etc), who said that 40 days is enough for a disease to… appear if someone is sick.



I read a few weeks ago about Wuhan and China that the big population blocus of millions of humans would probably lead to a Baby Boom in autumn – which makes sense. I thought about the big blackout of New York (is it 1965 or 77?) which lead to babies 9 months ago – but is this true of an urban legend?

Mmmh they also talked about a big divorce boom – which makes sense TOO. Many couples stay married because they really don’t have time to be together, busy busy busy. When they have to, it can lead to many interesting developments…



Empathically I think about those who are old or alone, but also about those who live with a mean person (spouse or mothers-in-law) or… a teen!



We have food for about 2 weeks, therefore we did not have to queue for hours before supermarkets, where French humans are since this morning. I chose delivery, and I’ll run errands on Friday, when it’ll be calmer (well, I’m not sure of this, but).



Many stores on the planet open only for the eldests for one hour BEFORE the crazies rush into toilet papers and food.



There are the same old good advices about distance, sneezes and hand washing, but I also read that anti-inflammatory pills (like Ibuprofen) are not recommended if you get sick (it can make it worse), and also, if you go outside and have to wash you hands, that one should get rid of rings and jewelry (which seems logical : those a good nest for little demonic viruses.

I have a thought for my colleague who would never quit the bunch of wristbands she keeps all life long. Here’s something to read :

A Microbiologist Tells You Exactly How Gross Festival Wristbands Are



Little by little the whole planet gets quieter. People have to stay in their house, in their apartment. They have to find something to do, be creative, read, find movies. It slows the planet.

This is what introverts do all the time. Thinkers, quiet persons, loneliness lovers. These people will adapt. They watch their books and films collection with a smile and some appetite. It’s the moment to dig deeper into complex or long things : John Ford or Hitchcock movies, Proust or Dante books. It’s the moment to learn, too.

It’ll be harder for the others. I think of them. Sports obsessed. Party goers. Managers.

I think of Susan Cain’s book : Quiet, The Power of Introverts.




I live in the North of France. The climate seems to be similar to Seattle in America. It’s the North! We just had WEEKS of rain and drizzle, and like a storm every sunday. Everybody was tired of this endless winter.

The FIRST day of the quarantine, today, the sky is absolutely perfectly blue. This is NOT cool.


Thanks for reading. Stay safe!


PS : If I were passive-aggressive, I could have written : “It’s blue sky today the first day of confinement, that’s sooo cool”. But no.


4 thoughts on “Ze French Coronavirus Chronicles, Day 1

  1. kachaiweb March 17, 2020 / 5:15 pm

    I am an introvert but I’m don’t like to be confined by someone or something. I am in a neighboring country and we’re waiting here, what the ministers will tell us what to do. I’m afraid of the quarantaine I don’t know why but it all sounds so weird to me.

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    • Jean-Pascal March 17, 2020 / 5:47 pm

      Oh me neither! That’s a mean disease… But for sure it’ll be less a pain for me, who likes books and quietness. This IS weird. And people die…
      I’m sure it’s better to be in quarantine than in the UK or Dutch choice, whose governments let all happen, in hope that it’ll give the country a “herd immunity”…

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      • kachaiweb March 17, 2020 / 5:59 pm

        I know and I understand that quarantine is the best option and that scientist will know when to implement this rule, I hope our government will listen. I’m glad I like to read and that I have quiet hobbies, that is one thing less to worry about.


  2. mesnilman March 17, 2020 / 7:21 pm

    Hi Jean-Pascal,

    Stay safe, and I love the idea of a coronavirus chronicle! Will look forward to it. If I get *really* bored here in Normandy, I might even get around to finishing the set-up of my own blog. But I’d have to be *really* bored…

    Au plaisir de vous lire!
    Bien cordialement

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