Beginner’s glory

As a bookseller, I’m sometimes amused by the typical guy just bitten by an idea which will give him big powers with the help of a few pages in a book: “Make a fortune with only $100”, or “Become a Mentalist”.

  • OK, become a mentalist! Read this pocketbook summary and you’ll read into everyone – within seconds, you’ll know all: if one lies, if one ate soup yesterday, and if one pees in the shower or one is a metallic ladybugs collector. Cool!
  • Tonight, buy a house, OK? A week later, sell it twice the price, buy two, et cetera and there you go!

Yes, but no. Nope!

If I’m asked a bit, I answer that you can be a mentalist, but you need a few decades of experiences with people and one hundred books, studied and fought and assimilated: sociology, psychology, transactional analysis, philosophy, etc…

“Be the greatest coach in 10 days!”: Heyyyyy!… (and facepalm).

But it’s good to begin, right?

Thanks for reading!

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