“I’m very special/No you’re not”

Nothing is more common than people who “think” they’re different.

That’s a deep pattern we all have inside, I suppose…

As a bookseller I see it in this form :


People who come to buy a bestseller often just know about it. It’s like buying a bottle of Jack Daniel’s, or Nike shoes, or to watch a Marvel movie, right?

Mainstream is mainstream. Fine.


On the other side, people who come to get a very rare book – because they write a thesis or because they suddenly got stung by the idea of studying a very sharp subject – knowing they’ll probably have to order the books…


And then you have these people who ask for something they’re sure is very special and very rare (and it’s not), and they are pretty snob about it, and you hear them strutting, explaining things to help you find this “rare gem”… sold in tons all year long.

Embarrassing, right?

How would we call this? Hidden Mainstream?


Thanks for reading!


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