How often do you check your stats in WordPress?

Blogging is a whole thing. There are many good reasons why we blog. I tried one day to list them: Why do you blog?

When you blog, you have something in your brain that clicks when you read or hear things. Like an Instagrammer has an eye for it, your mind picks up ideas everywhere it can. So maybe it’s a way to be more… present, an acuteness.

There’s another thing: you publish, so you have to present it, to shape it, to frame it, whatever. It’ll be read (a little, I hope!), so you have to iron your shirt. And if you don’t, it’s also a style, right?

Then you have to find the balance between staying yourself in what you say and to please your audience. This balances a good structure to watch.

I have a little blog, with a couple of “likes” from time to time (rarely more than 10), and I have to say that I check my audience twice a day. Then you try to guess…

“Your stats are booming”, says WordPress sometimes : 32 articles where read… Great! But is it buy one person only? Two? Or 32? Am I happy because one guy reads a lot from me, or because of a bunch of humans? Did I choose the right hashtags? If I posted the link on Facebook’s groups or on Twitter, I gain more readers. But is this as satisfying as letting the article live “without advertising it”? Why?



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