Returning to things, returning to reality

Like the philosopher who understands concepts while he fixes motorcyles, thinkers find ways when their brain dances as they oddjob in reality.

I wrote a few articles about the body, who “calls” us all the time.

Today I read a magazine article about the French president, who was criticized because he explained on TV that we should not gather more than 6 people for Christmas (so it was: “It’s not the president’s role to talk about these “details””.), and was praised for the exact same sentence: it is a goodsmart way to show people that he was “in life”, and not “in the higher spheres”.

Yesterday I talked with a photographer, who told me that, as many others, he was coming back to film, analogue photography, which was a classic: a loss, a lack (each picture costs money, you have to buy films) and a progress (you focus much more, you think about when you trigger, etc).

But the main thing, he told me, was to be back in contact with paper, chemicals, grain, film, smells… Something real.

By the way I remember I held Bernadette‘s hand in a dark photo lab, at school when I was 15. Protected by darkness (the teacher had a passion for photography and taught small groups how to develop), we were holding hands. Emotion!!

(yeah later we kissed)

Thus, as a bookseller, I told him about Matthew Crawford‘s book ( Shop Class as Soulcraft: An Inquiry into the Value of Work – ) – he’s a scholar in Advanced Studies in Culture and is also a motorcycle mechanic.

Example of abouts (I bolded the bold): “Every once in a great while, a book will come along that’s brilliant and true and perfect for its time. Matthew B. Crawford’s Shop Class as Soulcraft is that kind of book, a prophetic and searching examination of what we’ve lost by ceasing to work with our hands-and how we can get it back.”

So, voilà. We work with our brain, we think and we talk, we have memories. It’s out of the question that I’d say : “We should go back to do things with our hands”, blah. Nope!

Because you know me: we have to come back, to do both, to go back to hands, the skin, the smells and the reality – and thinking/talking. The tango between them is our throne, our machine, our power.

So welcome: we eat, we need sex, we walk (I hope so!), the body knows how to call!

Stuck? Stop thinking, DO something, explore and try, disobey to some rules, try something unusual, let the body and the hands act! And bake and cook, it works…

Like the philosopher who understands concepts while he fixes motorcyles, thinkers find ways when their brain dances as they oddjob in reality.

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