You don’t stop progress, so what do you do with it?

Bahhh it’s an old say.

I remember the little book of Akira Kurosawa, who remembers that when the movies were silent in Japan, there were people in each cinema, playing music, dialogs, and some sound effect. When the talking pictures came, these people were in the streets, protesting. And well…

It’s the same for everything. Electricity killed the oil lamps market. Cars killed the horse cart market. Electric cars will harm the gas stations, little by little (in Norway, today, more than 60% of new cars are electric).

Today I make images with AIs, and that’s cool because… I don’t know how to draw. I just describe what I want, add some little tricks in words (I’m learning) to precise textures (painting, digital, video game?), and I get pictures, plenty of them, all unique and different. The AI invents for me. And batches plenty.

“Luminescent mushrooms in a mystical forest, twilight, fireflies, clearing, bokeh” gives as many as these as you want (hundreds, if you like):

So I found out that some digital artists find it “unfair”. In a way, I understand that!

But what I feel is they should use it, today.

I can switch on the light, but I don’t have an oil lamp. I can drive a car, but I can’t take care of a horse (and I’m short of room in my apartment).

When I post images in forums, like in Reddit, I got things like:

So, people love it, but some want to ban it. And I’ve been banned from many of them! The viewers love them, but the moderators hate them. It’s not “real art” (and is it, after all)?

Today, it’s a bit difficult to use these Google Colabs. And it’s lonnng. If you use the free option, you need one hour for an image. I pay, and I need 6-7 minutes/image.

There are hundreds of colabs, and very soon (this year, next year?) you’ll be able to get images in seconds. Concept artists will use these tools (or teach them), for sketching, to get ideas, for colors, composition, etc.

Some sites offer this already, in a simple form: Wombo Art,

There’s no horse-skill in driving fast cars, it’s like… unfair, right? Drivers developed other skills. Today, to get cool images, you have to know what words are useful, and how to combine them. Unfair, maybe, but people have fun, and are creative (in their own way), and I kind of like it.

I began to make tutorials (on YT) for digital artists, how they could use this. I’ll make more, concept art for characters, using initial sketches to create something else, etc.

Maybe it’ll create a new job: “digital ideas provider”. Hmm…

What do you think?

Thanks for reading!


One thought on “You don’t stop progress, so what do you do with it?

  1. Robert Buchanan June 5, 2022 / 8:43 pm

    Hi Jean-Pascal, thank you for making the tutorials on getting started with AI for artists on YouTube. I stumbled across them a week ago and have spent this weekend devouring them all and taking notes in order to better understand how to harness the power of this new tool and I agree that is what AI art assist is. Already I have used it to brainstorm new ideas that will allow me to tell better stories with my miniature model art which is a stress relieving hobby of mine. The ability to feed my own art in as an initial image that I can than jam over with new ideas, colour variations etc. is fantastic and freeing. In the end all art is about communication and not the “technical” about how you made it, that hangup lies solely with the artist who has worked hard to master a skill and trust me I know as I work in the animation field, having started first with hand drawn animation and now using Harmony Toon Boom which is a digital animation tool which facilitates hand drawn looking animation. The audience doesn’t care how I and others make the cartoons, they just care about the story being told and the characters and how they emote, and trust me if I could get a tool that would allow me to make cartoon drawings faster I would use it in a heartbeat as that is just grunt work. I look forward to your art discoveries and what you make with the new tools, let your imagination soar. Cheers, Rob.


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