Patreon, “the dip”, and some philosophy


You know I make images with the help of Artificial Intelligence. I created a YouTube channel about it – a small channel, with 7500 subscribers, not 7 millions, right?

One guy suggested I created a Patreon, which is a way to gather a little community of people I could help, who could pay a little fee every month.

Most of my “patrons” pay $3 a month. Some pay more, $9 or $20 if they want to support me.

It went well, and today I have 120 patrons, which pay $491 at the beginning of each month.

As you can guess, Patreon asks people for the fee each 1st day of each month. And… some people change suddenly their mind.

I was a bit surprised to see 10% of my community leaving it each 1st day of each month. After that, the number goes back growing…

I googled it and discovered it’s a very common “issue”. Patreon called it “The Dip”.

There are articles about that!

That’s understandable, right?

You’re enthusiastic, you want to help, but when you have to show your credit card, things changed a little…

It’s so well known that Patreon itself wrote about it. And this is full of wise things!

  • Instead of Focusing on the Patrons You Lost, Focus on the Ones Who Stuck Around
  • Say Thanks to Your Patrons
  • Get new content ready for next month
  • Stop Looking at the Stats

Ahhh, wisdom!

So this had to be in the blog, right? It’s a bunch of tools…

So yesterday I went from 139 to 120 patrons, it’s 10% out.

Today I made portraits of 1850 people. These people do not exist, but I like them. What are their names?

And some quotes:

“The dip is a thing. But it is a thing we have to accept, just like Mondays”

“Since we have no influence in what happens in a patron’s mind, I take it as it comes. Sometimes more earnings, sometimes less. That’s life. Accept and carry on. But most of all, NEVER stop doing what I love to do”

Thanks for reading!