“It’s full of sharps and flats!” – Rose Elinor Dougall & The Weave

I don’t remember the path I took to discover The Weave. I’m 56 years old and almost completely disconnected from “what’s happening” – even more so because I know that today’s music world is like a vast, uncharted forest.

Nevertheless, I found myself returning to The Weave multiple times a week.

Today, I asked ChatGPT to tell me about them. One member is a guy from Blur (okay) and the other is Rose Elinor Dougall. Ohhh, I remember now that I listened to her 2019 album “A New Illusion” quite a bit. I recall the fantastic cover art, and something clicked in my head: harmonic richness.

Now I want more, and I’m curious to know if Coxon is such a composer, the “full of sharps & flats” type.

Dougall’s “A New Illusion” is a cool attempt at crafting “a cool pop song” (oh, that bass line), while her “Something Real” leans more towards the dreamy side, navigating through intriguing harmonic staircases. The piano in “Christina in Red”…

With “The Weave”, they’ve created a perfect song, an… unfolding. It starts with Dougall’s universe (voice, piano, twisted harmonies) and suddenly takes off like an old New Wave track (Clan of Xymox?). The arrival of the saxophones and the incantatory lyrics make it peculiar enough to raise an eyebrow, right?

This “pop with twisted harmonies” is what I love. The Bird and The Bee. Goldfrapp. Agnes Obel. Vienna Teng.

So I asked ChatGPT for “Female Singers and Strings Arrangements” and got this list. Some names I do not know…

  1. Björk
  2. Bat for Lashes (Natasha Khan) (great production & voice, poor harmonies)
  3. Lana Del Rey
  4. Tori Amos
  5. Kate Bush
  6. Enya
  7. Of Monsters and Men (very interesting!)
  8. Aurora (I want to listen more)
  9. Agnes Obel
  10. Austra (cool universe, original)
  11. London Grammar
  12. Cocteau Twins
  13. Dead Can Dance (Lisa Gerrard)
  14. Goldfrapp
  15. iamamiwhoami (Jonna Lee) (Don’t Wait for me, Fountain, Canyon: arrangements)
  16. FKA Twigs
  17. The Sundays (Harriet Wheeler)
  18. Daughter (Elena Tonra)
  19. Regina Spektor
  20. Emilie Autumn (OMG this universe! Misery Loves Company)

Well, thank you guys! I discovered some cool musicians/singers!

Who else?