Koan Jet, Diary of a Whinger – 1

“All of man’s misfortune comes from one thing,
which is not knowing how to sit quietly in a room”

Today I’ve been in a store and there was a toys department in front of the art books section and I heard screams coming from everywhere like horrible tense cursed flowerrockets of yelling : the kids – scraping my ears. Naaa I don’t get the parents I don’t understand any of them who pull their children in a toy store full of puppets and war ships and plastic guns and so-called cute stuffed fishes or giraffes, then the kids want to buy everything they have in sight of course so the parents become to headboil like boilers and this little boy here begins to scream WHY YOU DON’T WANNNNNT and everybody (the children, daddies & mummies, other customers who try to wander pleasantly in a store to buy a little present for a niece, an art book, or just for the to grin in front of the awful colors of noisy toys, and also the employees who say to each other in a desperate sense of dark humor bring me the end of the day) everyone has a more or less red face, and all these red faces dream to be elsewhere with a fresh beer in summer before an orange silenced sun who’s going to sleep under the horizon – no no beer for kids who just want to play with this bipping Pikachuthing on the grass becoming cold in the evening. WHY DON’T YOU WANNNNT in the overheated store, scraping my ears and everyone wants to throw potatoes to them, so there.