#Geek #Marketing : Cattle Displacement

Marketing, it is what it is.

But Geek Marketing is like more terrible to watch (why?). You see human beings “happy to buy” this “mainstream but no-mainstream” shit, from Funko Pop to Walking Dead comics (162 issues today), from Goth subculture clothes & things from the Star (Wars or Trek?). Eeeeeekkkk!

They never finish to gather to… say they’re different. Well, they’re moved : cattle displacement. Buy buy buy.

Tool : Obey : buy this Jack Skellington Pop, this Hello Kitty purse, and this 700$ Falcon Millenium Lego. Obey (all these things are very cool).

Or not!

Have a nice day!


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“Without Music Life would be a Mistake” ? Nope…

“Without Music Life would be a Mistake”

You can find this quote from Nietzsche on all kinds of tee-shirts.

In fact, you can replace “Music” with some other pleasant words, like “Wine”, or “Love”, or “Philosophy”, “Fashion”, who cares ? Is it an order, some kind of pressure ?

Of course, without music life would not be a mistake AT ALL.

The Persuaders

If you suddenly take seriously how music is important to people, you’ll be SO surprised that you will be floored. I use this “floored” expression because I’m french and I LOVE it. Floored, you on the floor, voilà pour vous.

I asked about the opera, one day. One loves opera because of the magic of the place. Some because of the archetypal terrible stories. For some others, it’s the performance of the singers (ahhhh the “high notes” !). Some guys are in love with one voice only (Callas !). Some guys love only one composer (Wagner, or for me : Puccini). Many love opera and only opera. You can find fools who love to collect all versions of the same thing. Etc.

Elephant Woman

You should and you have to think about it when you want to SHARE a music. You give YouTube links to your lover and most all the time you’ll be surprised. She doesn’t care. What moves you does nothing to the others.

Personaly I love risky modulations (I love Mike Oldfield, John Barry, Progressive Rock and Royksopp, and Puccini, and Prokofiev for this reason). I love to analyse production (Floors of sound in Depeche Mode Violator, different veils in Brian Eno’s work). I love crescendos. I love when the magic is hidden in a mist (Royksopp, Blonde Redhead). I love David Sylvian’s voice. OK I stop here. What about YOU ?

Brilliant Trees

Some like an era (the sixties !), a style (new wave !), an energy (dance !), an attitude (punk !), a flow (rap !), productors (Trevor Horn ?), a sound, a label (4AD), a social field (gothic culture), a movement (house), a nostalgy (“I listened to The Police when she kissed me !”), the singer (Arctic Monkeys oh he’s so cute)…

Tools :

Oh, just this : It’s always more complicated.

Do not think that you have a human typology in mind. You’re wrong.

(and fuck Nietzsche on this quote)



“I used to watch things to understand what’s the big deal”

“I used to watch things to understand what’s the big deal”

…but one day, you stop.

One day, all of a sudden, you effing don’t care. At all.

One day something is a big deal and you want to watch something which is NOT a big deal.

One day you let the big deal be the big deal without you.

One day you watch the crowd running here and there like sheeps in front of Thrones and you stay under a tree reading a nobigdeal novel – Giono for example, or a Pulitzer from the sixties, voilà.

One day you don’t even KNOW what is a big deal and what is not, so there.

(You just decided to explore Joseph Losey‘s movies, instead).

One day, you just make your own path.

Tool : What do you need ? More mainstream, or less ? Highways or mountain footpaths ?

(OK try Giono. No big deal in 2016. Perfect.)

#gold #redhead
#gold #redhead




The Boulez Wall (and how to Jump over it)

Pierre Boulez just died, he was a french conductor of importance and a composer of… let’s say avant-garde music. OK : “He does the crazy music”.

Listen to his …explosante-fixe…  – how do you feel about it ?

Some ideas are thumbtacked into our heads : it’s complicated, trop sophistiqué, ridiculous, random snap. Avant-garde. There’s a wall here, and you don’t want to go further.

But what if you dethumbtack, for once ? What happens when in music we go outside of our comfort zone ?

There’s a wall, let’s call it the Boulez Wall. Stay there, in front of the wall, stay on YouTube. Can you say why you don’t like this music ? Are you able to jump over the wall ? No ? OK, try : just listen to the music, the whole thing. Is that sooo terrible ?

You can try to understand many things in fact. Why you don’t like it, of course, but Also… how it is made (Google is your friend). You can explore also some good old questions sur l’Art : does it have to be pleasant or beautiful, or can it be interesting to analyse, too ? Is there a territory (comfort zone) you could spreadwiden ?

Wikipedia : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/…explosante-fixe…

You maybe just have to know that the flutes are linked to an electronic device. Go to minute 29 and wait a few seconds, listen to the veils of sounds….

You will probably have to find your own way to appreciate the music (Close your eyes and see things ? Battle against your incompréhension ? Listen with dreaming distance ? Etc). Voilà !

Dial : Here, it’s about the Comfort Zone Dial. In art or life or work, you can just want to stay in this zone. Good. This is a territory, which has boundaries, les frontières. If you go outside of the zone, are you interested or afraid ? Curious, or bored ?

Lever : Choose something you “think” you don’t like. An author, a genre, une période de l’histoire, a movie director. Play. Insist. Or not.

Dethumbtack – I like this word !




Strangeization Tool & Eyebrow Criteria

When in front of a piece of art, some music, a photograph, a painting or a movie, some might want to feel pleasure, or emotion, or simply “find it beautiful”, or feel nostalgic, or energy-moved, whatever.

My triggering thing is the Eyebrow Criteria. I want to feel one eyebrow (or more : my two eyebrows) coming up. Up up up !

Does it mean I want to be surprised ? Yes.

Because THEN my little analysis-brain begins to work with a question : “What is happening here ?”. Ohhh this is SO good !

The artist is playing with us. He has many possibilities to do this. One of my favorites is :


Strangeization is a concept invented by the Russians (well, in Wiki they call it Defamiliarization), saying simply that you can avoid the boring “I’ve seen this” elements in art… by adding strange things. A way to disturb the lukewarmness of our perspective.

I found this painting on Instagram in the middle of dozens of pictures, I suddenly stopped, both of my eyebrows went up : OK, the light and the colors are cool but mainly, this picture is flooding me with surprises. Flying roses. The angle of view. The body attitudes of both the characters. The white rose. Is it drama ? What is happening here ? Is it a dream ?

This a good strange. Thank you !

Dials : The dials are your eyebrows. You should pay attention to them.

Levers : Well, you got it. Adding strange elements to your art or to your product can be useful to re-catch an audience, lost into familiarity…

Really ? How ? Why ?

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#Repost @aykutmaykut – “all roses are red”


Moods and synthesizers in movie soundtracks

OK I’m french. My english is a frenglish, it’s rusty and wobbly, et voilà. Try me, though. I’ll do my best. I promise. If sometimes it’s too bad, just laugh at me or roll your eyes.

When you think “synthesizers in movie soundtracks”, here’s Blade Runner. Vangelis’ music is a masterpiece. This will never move. This movie is a milestone.

But there’s a whole problem with bad eighties synth scores.

What surprised me recently is this :

1-Within the eighties, it was OK.

2-After the eighties, it was (very often) ridiculous.

3-Today, it’s OK back (sorry to say it this way, I’m french). Sometimes.

Try this with American Gigolo (Paul Schrader)

Try this with Apocalypse Now (F. F. Coppola)

Try this with Thief (Michael Mann)

Maybe it’s personal. My perception of the music in the movie, altered by age, the distance of movies.

Maybe it’s nostalgia : the happy Sixties are charming, the hippie/disco Seventies are charming, and now probably that the Eighties are bearably charming too, with all this plastic fluo Buggles OMD snap.

The only secret of Daft Punk recent huge success is here : Finding back the flat comfortable disco beat who made Saturday Night Fever a neverending success. Remember Midnight Express ? Cerrone, maybe ?

Maybe it’s an eternal loop. OK/bad/OK/bad/OK. Depends on the sound of the moment.

Dial :

If what you make has the purpose to stick to the now, forget all this, you don’t care.

If you want to last, you have to realise that what you’re doing today will peut-être be a big pile of merdrrre in ten years, and (maybe) it will be re-discovered in twenty years. Then, you’ll be rich like a pacha.





Washington, I love you

OK I’m french. My english is a frenglish, it’s rusty and wobbly, et voilà. Try me, though. I’ll do my best. I promise. If sometimes it’s too bad, just laugh at me or roll you eyes.

When the US government, or president, takes a decision, the medias use to say : “Washington decided to…”. If you think about it, it’s funny, c’est cocasse. Because Washington can’t decide anything : it’s a city !

Synecdoche ? I’m not sure. Votre opinion madame ? Monsieur ?

Well it’s not finished. It’s funnier. Because Washington, the city, was named in honor of George Washington (1732-1799). So, to be short, voici ce que je trouve intéressant : Instead of using the name of the president, medias use the name of a city, named after… another president.

OK. Everybody knows that. And we don’t even think about it. The word “Washington” entirely lost its substance. It’s just like a little lever linked to strings…

Notre capacité to forget the sense of words is énormous-tremendous. It’s too easy ! We can play with some pop-bands names, for example :

How great was The Police ? Sting is a great bass player and his voice was perfect with the sparkling sprinkling style of Copeland the crazy drummer, and the sophistication of Summers’s guitars. The Police ? Really ?

You NEVER think about the police when you listen to The Police. Never.

Use your attention now on Chicago, Yes, Kansas, Suede, UK or Japan, or Pink Floyd. See ?

Tool & Dials : Do we use, in daily life, this capacity of erase-vanishing the sense of words ? What about “How do you do ?”, or automatic “I love you”s ? Comment ça va, d’ailleurs, aujourd’hui ?

Tool 2 : How could we call this effort, consisting of… bending over empty words to refill them with all necessary things : radioactivity, sense, feelings, connections. Why should we do that ?