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Photo Contests & Artistic Choices

I found a funny photo game on my phone called GuruShots (it’s a website too). They invent many “challenges” like “Anything Blue” or “Remembrance” or “Animals”, or “Cities in Black & White”.

It’s well done and exciting like every contest – though your rapidly feel that they want to sell you “boosters” and “exposure bonus”. If you pay, you have more chances to be seen. I understand they have to make money, that’s the game…

I also like to see other peoples pictures : some guys are great, very professional. But I see too many winners with THIS kind of “gorgeous” pictures :


In French, we say “Pouah !” for your ugh! or yuk!


We all have our bad tastes, I reckon. But this gorgeous jolly happy colored shit banality is really unbearable, right?

“HDR landscape” (Google it) and “water reflection” photos bring this to my head : “This is disgusting“. They try to activate one low level single string in the audience : “Oh this is gorgeous look at the coloooooors”. Yuk and puke! So there.

There are many little levers I also activate when I post a picture, like “it’s too easy” : nostalgic light, a mood, too much contrast, abstract blurry, lines, too dark, etc… Well, this is my way :


So what? I don’t win any challenge here.

For now I’ll keep posting a couple of pictures in certain ones (but not all of them : nothing for “Tatoos”, or “Africa”, haha), to determine how high I can climb without cheating.


The dials I see here are : 

What do I seek when I take a picture? To marvel people, or to make them wonder? Or smile? If you’re not a pro (asked to do this and that), what is it you do? How do you progress?

Do you Art to please an audience (with success) or do you Art to do what you like, even if the audience likes it less? What if these two aspects coincide?

Sorry for my frenchy English, I’m probably rusting…

Thanks for reading!



Invitations to GuruShots :