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Stolen Street Photography?

Salgado says somewhere that a portrait is something one “offers” to the photographer (I should find the quote, but I don’t remember where I found it).

As I was walking back home the other day, I wanted to play the Street Photographer, but I didn’t want to ask.

So : I zoomed too much, and I underexposed, and I clicked maybe 200 pictures. Most of them, in consequence, were good for trash.

When I did it it was exciting. When I watch it I feel the slight nausea of those who “try things”, like when you take a guitar for the first time…

Conclusion :

  1. Most people notice when you steal their portrait – and I dislike to do this (I have empathy).
  2. I’m not Alex Webb (who is a genius in this field).
  3. I prefer to take portraits of toys, dolls and funny things on flea markets (last picture).
  4. I should buy a big zoom camera…
  5. …or ask people first.

Have a nice day !





What does the photographer do in sterile new neighborhood?

What does the photographer do in sterile new neighborhood?

One question the thinker asks is : “Why do you live here?”. Do you live in a quiet old village, or in a quiet new clean street? Left, or right?

Out of the obvious :

  1. On the left, you’d better like your neighbors – and where do you park your fucking car?
  2. On the right, how do you breathe, where’s beauty, where’s life? What would you add (pot of flowers, old things?) not to die in a few days?

Well, it’s too easy, right?

Therefore the entry for my article is the photographer. What do I do? It’s all concrete, straight lines, everything’s smooth!

Hmmm. I could look for cracks, mistakes and flaws, that’s funny, like a revenge of the world. So there! Places like these are like tanned fashion models : entirely boring. And you’re relieved when you notice a flaw : a bit too thick calf, a little scar…

Well, OK. I could try to find line harmonies, colors and clouds, find the “mood of the place”, but I’m not Stephen Shore, sadly :

Another possibility is to cling onto nature : the sky, grass (1), or find a little demon watching (2), or walk just enough to find an old barrier (sigh of relief) (3), or, well, play with my cam in a minimalist mood (4).





What would you do?

Thanks for reading!